Split Room Air Conditioner : Tropical

Cooling Capacity :

  • 18000 Btu/h

Heating Capacity :

  • 19000 Btu/h

Tropical T3 works under 54°C

LVS : Low Voltage System  160 to 240 Volts

Dimension (W*D*H) : 780*250*540 mm

Gas type : R410A

Indoor Connection 40 mm

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Enjoy both a crisp cool breeze in summer and a cozy warm space during winter, with a more efficient model offering you up to 18000 BTU/h of cool and heat air capacity (19000 BTU/h). Equipped with a type R410A refrigerant, this air conditioner will keep your rooms at comfortable levels all year long. It is suited for bigger rooms sized up to 90 square meters and comes with a more ozone friendly type R410A refrigerant.


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